Prestashop vs. Woocommerce. Who wins?

prestashop vs woocommerce

Establishing a successful online business is strongly related to an issue of selecting an appropriate shopping cart software. And since there is a wide range of possible options it is often hard to make a right decision. We offer you to consider two platforms PrestaShop and WooCommerce. They can both lead to a profitable online store but each of them will do it in a different way.

What is PrestaShop and what are the key benefits of using it?

PrestaShop is a PHP/MySQL open source solution created specifically to build an online stores. It is a French platform that is totally free to download and use. It currently powers more than 150 000 live stores and was downloaded more then 3 mln. times. Presta gained popularity because of intuitive admin panel and rich default functionality. Some of the key benefits that you will have with PrestaShop shop:

User-friendly. The platform is intuitive and easy to navigate/use from both backend and storefront.

Scalable and customizable. PrestaShop has no limitations in quantity of products, clients, orders, etc. Moreover a convenient store management tools will give you an opportunity to manage your products, keep an eye on a stock level, run several stores via one admin area, etc. In case some features are not available by default (specific payment/shipping gateway, localization, Facebook integration, etc.) you can easily add them with one of 3 500+ extensions available at official marketplace.

SEO, marketing and analytics. You may have a perfect store with great products but if no one knows about it you can’t make money. Presta offers a full range of SEO tools that will help you to get high ranking in Google.

But there is a core difference between two solutions that you have to understand before selecting one of them. PrestaShop is independent shopping cart that is oriented on creating classical eCommerce site. So, the main point is that you will have a fully-featured and ready to go platform straight out of the box. It will help you to sell your products online successfully. Of course with a help of built in basic CMS capabilities you will be able to add some non-store functionality like blog, forum, about us page, etc. But it will require additional efforts or money to implement.

What is WooCommerce and what are the benefits of using it?

WooCommerce is a WordPress eCommerce plugin. It is created to add an online selling features to the world biggest CMS that has helped create more than 70 million sites. So, you have a WordPress site that is a perfect tool to built every type of website. Then with one click you install WooCommerce, which helps you to build an online shop using a WordPress.

Feature-rich. WooCommerce remains one of the fullest eCommerce solutions for WordPress. Basic set of features includes all the necessary tools to start your online business, including: products, customers and orders management system, various shipping and payment options, business reports and marketing tools, etc. Together with user-friendly theme editor and full access to the source code you get a perfect featured solution for small and middle size business.

Stable and ready to use. Unlike most of the other WordPress eCommerce plugins WooCommerce is almost error and bug free. This solution is well maintained, new versions are often released even though the platform has existed for a few years now.

Compatible with WordPress plugins. WooCommerce will work smoothly with all the latest WP extensions including the most popular SEO addon. So, you will be able to add even more features. Also at its official site WooCommerce offers a marketplace with plugins which were designed particularly for the platform.

In conclusion, if you need a blog or another sort of site and a bonus opportunity to sell some products within this web page then WordPress + WooCommerce is a perfect option. But if you need a genuine online store with all the range of eCommerce features then definitely establish PrestaShop store.

Written on March 23, 2015