Top 5 tips for Adwords campaigns


  1. Have a set goal. It is the most important part of Search Engine Marketing. Your goals should include growing sales, growing brand awareness, or increasing traffic to your site.

You need to know what specific action they are trying to get your target visitor to perform. Is it completing a lead form? Calling an 800 number? Making an online purchase? Before you go live with your campaign, make sure you've identified that goal and know how you'll measure the results.

  1. Keep your target customer in mind when writing your ads. Make sure your ads will attract the Attention of your audience, raise customer Interest, convince customers that they Desire your product, lead customers towards a call to action.

  2. Target your ads. Implement all three types of keyword targeting -- exact match, phrase match, broad match -- into your targeting strategy. Bid the most for exact match keywords and the least for broad match keywords. Separate ad groups by keyword type/category to keep the campaign well-organized.

  3. Don't mislead customers. Your ads should be completely accurate and related to the landing page. Your top targeted keywords should be used in the content included on that landing page and in the ads text. Make sure that it's only being displayed for relevant queries related to your content

  4. Use negative keywords. Negative keywords are keywords that are not related to what is being advertised. This further qualifies the ads within a campaign, ensuring ads do not show to users who would not find them relevant anyway.

Negative keywords help to streamline your ad, presenting it on more relevant search result pages. This drives better quality traffic and leads to your landing pages, while also improving your Google AdWords Quality Score. This will definitely get you more conversions.

Keeps these tips in mind to insure that your adwords campaigns are created wisely and efficiently.

Written on March 24, 2015