A typical Customer Persona, All-Business Rob

Business Rob

BACKGROUND: National Sales Director Worked at the same company for 10 years; worked his way up from sales associate Married with 1 child (18)

DEMOGRAPHICS: Male Age 40-55 Income: $70,000 Suburban

IDENTIFIERS: Strong demeanor Attention to detail Demands fast communication

GOALS: Maintain all sales groups optimized for improved sales Promotes new strategies for acquiring new clients CHALLENGES: They need a constant flow of new clients Online markets are huge competitors


We can help expand business into the online market so they can compete with other companies We can use SEO & PPC campaigns to help them get more traffic.

REAL QUOTES: “I expect answers to my phone calls and emails, due to my busy schedule. Communication is key” “We need to expand to new markets and web looks like the right way to go.” “We have a good budget, so there is room for SEO and other ideas. We are open to suggestions.”

COMMON OBJECTIONS: I am very punctual, deadlines must be met. I expect professional work and will send revisions where I see fit

MARKETING MESSAGING: Online Company Sales and SEO Marketing

ELEVATOR PITCH: We can provide your company with an online sales platform that will give your remote clients what they need. An SEO campaign would help you compete with other companies as well.

Written on March 11, 2015