A typical Customer Persona, Small Shop Sally

small shop sally

BACKGROUND: Small Business Owner Worked at retail for 5 years and decided to open her own retail store 1 year ago. Single

DEMOGRAPHICS: Female Age 25-35 Income: $40,000 Suburban

IDENTIFIERS: Calm demeanor Multitasker Bad communication, always busy

GOALS: Provide customers with fashionable items. Steady stream of clients Bring exposure to her brand

CHALLENGES: Getting exposure to her relatively new small business Bringing local clients Small Budget

HOW WE HELP: We can create a shopping cart with an integrated blog where she can share new collections, deals, and events. Local SEO and Social Media marketing will help with getting new clients Corporate branding to make her brand stand out

REAL QUOTES: “Could you help me out on the price? I have a small budget” “How can I make my brand stand out?” “I have no Idea how to work a site, will I be able to upload products and posts?”

COMMON OBJECTIONS: The price is too high Recollection of website content will take a few weeks.

MARKETING MESSAGING: Ecommerce CMS website with Fashion Blog. Also, Logo and branding will be included

ELEVATOR PITCH: We will evolve your brand into a prosperous local business. You will be found easily online and you will love your new logo.

Written on March 11, 2015