Want your portraits to look magazine quality?


In my advanced image manipulation class, our assignment has been to do a photoshoot and retouch the images for a series of 3 ads. Now this may not be related to web, but it never hurts to have some photoshop skills ;). I rented the camera equipment and had fun doing the photoshoot. Now the hard part is retouching the images.

With tools such as adobe camera raw, you can do the initial editing by tweaking the exposure, saturation, and highlights of the image. You may save several versions of the same image and blend them in photoshop. this will help correct the color, highlights, and shadows.

The next step is to get rid of imperfections. You can basically correct the image using the healing brush or clone stamp tool to copy the good areas on to the bad ones. This method works, but our professor showed us a video that takes retouching to a whole other level. Check it out below and comment if you were able to turn your reguler portrait into a masterpiece.

Written on February 25, 2015