The secrets to a succesful ecommerce site.


Getting an ecommerce site up and running is hard enough as it is, but what about if your site is live and you're getting no sales? Well here are some secrets you can use to improve your ecommerce site.

-Make your website inviting: The first thing that turns me off from ecommerce websites is usability. If the site doesnt work properly or isn't user-friendly, your clients will most likely look elsewhere. Things you can incorporate to make your site appealing and user-friendly is create a slideshow with links to categories or featured products. Another feature you could incorporate is a live chat. People will be able to contact you quickly and directly. I always choose a live chat option over a phone call, I bet many others do the same.

-Simplicity: Keep it simple. Users are likely to leave if you are putting 10 pop ups in their face when they visit you. Make the menu visible and clearly show your categories. The usability of the site is a huge factor for customers. If I don't understand where I have to go to find a product or service, I will probably go find another company that makes it easier for me.

-Graphics: Get rid of your flash and ugly gifs... Welcome to the 21st century. Also stay away from badly photoshopped pictures or flashy colours. Good graphics catch the eye and solidify you as a real business that pays attention to detail. You have to achieve a nice design without going too crazy because you don't want to shift the focus off your product/service.

-Information: Now this one is a bit tricky. Too much information will make visitors fall asleep from boredom, but too little will keep them away from buying because they will not know about the product. You need to put yourself in their shoes and see what is appropriate. List only the most important details instead of writing out essays. Include item info such as the size, colours, price, shipping, return policy and high quality photos. Good content will help your client and your seo. Don't forget to throw in a keyword or two when writing content for products. ;)

-Easy/Secure payment method: People love simple checkouts, don't force them to jump through hoops just to buy your product. Make sure that your ecommerce site has a reliable and easy to use payment service. Don't force your clients to make accounts but include it as an option. Besides your credit card payment method, you can also include paypal or google checkout so that people can pay with those methods in case they find them more secure. Users are very wary when purchasing from a site they don't know, so you have to make them feel secure. You can do this by adding SSL certificates and seals that display your security level.

Do these and you'll be sure to find success online!

Written on February 25, 2015